we had our first annual friendsgiving this past saturday at hilary + zachs. we started off with jalapeno poppers, cranberry meatballs, briee cheese and red wine. main course: ham accompanied by some stuffing and perfectly season vegetables. and alas, we ended with pumpkin bread, more red wine and charades. yep, charades.

B3Of-lOIIAALIHS B3Of881CEAACIkk B3OgOQAIUAAWlJrthank you to the hostess with the mostess– i look forward to many more ‘friendsgivings’ in that cozy little house of yours.

and of course, today is monday– it’s down pouring and my motivation is in the negatives. but remember, it’s a short week!!! more importantly? it’s thanksgiving week. amen.


clemmy update

clementine got into a little tiff on thursday– end result: a trip to the vet. we must admit, clem certainly puts the ‘bull’ in ‘bully pup’.

she is the sweetest dog however there are times at day care when the stimulus is too much and she snaps. she doesn’t bite anyone or harm them… she just snaps. and it’s something that we are working on. (any helpful hints?)

and so, this past thursday she snapped at the wrong dog. the pup gave her a little gash on the front of her left arm that ultimately needed stitches (and a few hours of anesthesia).

my poor gal. the vets request for this fresh little pup: a cone, benedryl and a comfy spot on the couch… for the next 14 days.

10262183_10203287697781717_3029313242920274364_n B2px3BaIcAARjdn^^^hadley came to visit her favorite cousin– also please note her ‘taylor swift’ haircut^^^B2px6AvIAAEOWWW^^^we waited at a small coffee shop for clemmy to be done^^^B2px9X4IMAEhr3Z

this is what i woke up to (#thingsiwakeupto)

she hates that darn cone. but, it’s the price you pay for being a tough cookie at school!

soon enough clementine will be back to her hyper self… but until then, i am secretly soaking up these quite moments in the wee hours of the morning.


fall wedding

i think i dubbed it ‘wedding of the year‘ last night. it was gorgeous– the simple touches, the genuine love, apple pie– but more so, there was felix brown. and we all know how felix brown gets down…amen to those guys who sang only the hippest jams (all night long).

the sweetest of wishes to brit + nick (#brickwedding2014). you both should be very, very proud of yourselves– a wonderful evening was had by all.

also, thank you to ali– my plus one! (jk, i was hers)



magic number 2

clementine turned two yesterday– what?! it happens so fast but part of me is thankful for the long gone days of accidents in the house and half eaten shoes. (i swear, she’s getting better about eating shoes). and so yesterday, we hopped on over to portsmouth for family dinner. my dad recently got back from a business trip to germany– so, we huddled around his ipad and looked at all his pictures and listened to his stories. i’m pretty sure germany is now on my bucket list… and jay brid didn’t have a negative thing to say about the country. if fact, he wants to move there.

post dinner- my mom (who we often refer to as ‘mimi’) brought out a puppy cake. she really does adore clem! and so we were those people– singing happy birthday to a bull dog. i loved every single second. what, what!

B1Chl6-IQAALmoP B1Chkf6IMAAkvAM B1Chn13IMAASUiF^^^birthday run around newport– notice her new harness, it even has turtles on it^^^

B1ChjZgCIAEYa3p^^^ian and i got her a pig– she loves it^^^

happy, happy birthday my sweet little pup. here’s to many more chew toys, cow’s knees and wet kisses.


pumpkin patch

yesterday our three mile walk around town ended smack dab in the middle of a pumpkin patch. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4i think it was made for kids– but clementine and i took full advantage of this little hidden gem. we found our way through a maze, took pictures with the scarecrow and soaked in those fall rays of sun.

(location: between spring and thames —> trinity church)

have we mentioned how much we love fall?



every once in a while i do a ‘things to look forward to‘ post. mostly it’s to help me see that life isn’t always filled with work and school. life in fact can be wonderful:

we booked an overnight stay at the park plaza hotel in boston. reason being: trip to the boston museum of science, dinner at mela (my favorite inidan restaurant) and falling asleep in the city . also, we got a suite with a king size bed. date night really got amped up this go-around.

we are booking our yearly tropical vacation. and of course, our very best friends will be in tow (round two!) meghan’s text said it all yesterday “i can’t wait to get drunk under the sun with you”. amen. amen. amen.

i found a really darling album that will soon be available on itunes. entitled: you+me (rose ave). please give it a listen. it’s wine and cheese music… if you know what i mean.

clementine’s second birthday is right around the corner. i think she wants a harness or maybe a new cow’s knee. nonetheless, she is getting spoiled– rotten. also, she’s two. T-W-O. two.

ian’s (golden year) 27th birthday. this year it lands on thanksgiving and i can already tell what i’ll be thankful for.

Bz7X79ZIIAEcywU^^^this guy^^^

we have so much to look forward to. we like to stay thankful. these posts make me so damn thankful.


sweet berry farm

last weekend i called meagan up and told her i was in dire need of a pedicure– post pedicure we found ourselves picking apples, peaches and pumpkins:

unnamed 765^^^fresh pedicure^^^

BzWlXQTCIAEdEdy BzWlXBoIAAAY5QI 2 unna2med^^^ians favorite^^^

1 BzWlVvVIAAA7A9Iand then this happened! this morning we woke up to fresh organic milk, venda ravioli (from federal hill) pumpkin raviolis and pink vodka sauce. it’s safe to say we have a milk man– and this chick is 100% into it. every tuesday morning we get goodies delivered by 8:00am. it’s wonderful! i get to send ‘free treats’ to anyone– so send me an e-mail under the contact tab if you’re interested! rumor has it that you will receive a gallon of milk (which comes in a glass bottle, win win!)

to check out their site click:

—> here <—


ted talk

science is a huge part of who i am (and truthfully, i wouldn’t have it any other way)

wednesday night in my biochemistry class we were shown this twenty minute ‘ted talk’ that is entitled, can we eat to starve cancer?

i can’t shake it– i’ve thought about it more often than not since wednesday night.

angiogenesis is probably one of my most recent fascination. dr. william li takes a completely different perspective on fighting cancer. instead of fighting it– why don’t we try to stop the creation of it? how can we ‘kill’ the supply, the fuel, the main derivative of ones cancer. anti-angiogenesis. he explains that taking away the blood supply from newly created blood vessels that nurish ones tumor is the key to sucessess. and how can we do this? by eating certain food, teas, or spices. it amazed me. every single second of it– and i hope it does the same for you!

science, because it makes sense.  

click –> here <– to check out the ted talk

BzB082DCQAADNdt^^^being goofy with the old fashion lab goggles^^^



i wish i could say i’ve been absent because a,b or c. or because i didn’t have the desire to blog for the last week. i wish it was that work, school and well, basically life took up too much time. but it’s not.

for the past week i haven’t exactly been ‘myself’. and while i don’t want to spill everything on this here blog– i will tell you, saturday night was scary. impossible to recall every detail scary. around 3:30am we woke up to clementine freaking out. and when i say freaking out– i mean it. with every ounce of my body– i mean it.

long story short: someone broke the glass on our front door and then took our door knob off in hopes of entering our teeny-tiny little apartment that we so proudly call home. i replay the moment of calling 9-11 so vividly in my mind– hands shaking and not breathing. i replay it in the morning, on my lunch break and in those wee hours of the morning when i wake up and can’t move, somewhat paralyzed by fear. they say it’s normal. it is some what ‘normality’ to feel like this. to feel violated, unsafe and the worst: to feel like it’s out of your control… that no matter how much you try to protect yourself, you can’t 100 percent. nobody can. because of others. and their actions. that scares me the most.

home is supposed to be protection. it’s supposed to take you in at your worst– put you on the couch with a cup of tea and make you feel complete. home lets you close your eyes and lets you let go of everything that is going on in the world. but right now, my house feels eerie. and i hope that one day it makes me feel safe– just like it did when i went to bed saturday night.

we weren’t harmed– nothing was taken– and our little pup woke us up. we’ve got to stay thankful and aware that things could have been much worse. but, alas– i am still frightened when i wake up and the sun is so far away from rising. i close my eyes and wish for daylight (again, again and again)

and so my week has been going….and to say i have been ‘on edge’ is putting it lightly. ian came into the kitchen tuesday morning (when i thought he was fast asleep) and i jumped. i was so darn scared, right there in my very own kitchen pouring my very own cup of coffee and thinking of thoughts that didn’t revolve around saturday night.

they say it takes time to get over it.

yesterday i had class in providence. and on most wednesday nights i dread the city. it’s too much for me. but yesterday it was exactly what i needed. i felt safe– there were hundreds of people around and i didn’t know a soul. but somehow they made me feel safe. a simple smile, a gesture of hello or that sweet, sweet lady that held the door for me. they made me feel safe.

completely and utterly safe.

and so, after class i saw the uri bus that takes you to the parking lot. but instead, i walked. i walked alone– in the city– at 8:45pm because i needed to. (although i did talk to my mom for 60% of the walk).

and when i got to my car, i felt relieved– i felt like not everybody in this world is there to hurt you. to break you down. not everybody wants something out of you. some people just want to hold the door. and with that small gesture i realized that things happen. shit happens. and you’ve got to be bigger than it. you’ve got to keep living life.

last night i slept so well (thanks to two benedryl)

i hope i sleep well from here on out. as long as i’ve got ian and clem– i’ll be okay. i’ll be okay.



over night


i say it every year: fall happened over night


welcome to it, friends!

instead of being cooped up studying last night (biochemistry exam: today) ian and i ventured down to the wharf pub for a pizza. yes, i know– the post right below this one is 110% contrary to that of what we did last night. but, we needed it last night. plus, we ran out of propane. ha!

we sat outside– i wore a vest and he wore a flannel. i had a glass of wine and he had a beer. i had a smile on and so did he. the tourist have thankfully found their way home and the wharf pub seemed to give us that little spark of ‘home’. every winter ian and i find ourselves taking off our jackets, stomping the snow off our boots and pulling out a stool to sit on at our favorite little pub. it’s a special place for us. and it’s back.

there are nights (special nights) that are meant for hot pizza, a cold brew and one on one conversation.

i think i can say it’s my favorite time of year– although i do say that a lot.