catching up

the past week and a half was filled with lots of celebrations– we celebrated hannah and her soon to be bundle of joy, we celebrated hadley’s dance recital, we raised our mimosa filled glasses while sitting on the sands of gooseberry beach and we celebrated the color white. (because it’s my favorite color).

to my sweetest hannah and ben—> you are going to be rock star parents. i can’t wait to see her precious little face and squeeze you (party of three!)

hannah’s baby shower was the cutest– we had baby filled ice cubes and the most scrumptious salad. i got to spend time with my very best friend, too– so over all it was a win!

IMG_0068 IMG_0058 IMG_0081 IMG_0048^^^bike rides around the point hold a really special place in my heart. and the fact that i get to do that with hadley is even more special.^^^IMG_1140^^^then this happened. we are smitten^^^

it’s been a wonderful fourth of july week. (special shout out to amgen for giving me the week off)

tonight: kelsey is hosting a 2nd of july shin-dig on her adorable little blueberry lane home. we can’t wait!


bridesmaid brunch

this past weekend we raised our champagne filled glasses to the fact that my wedding is in full swing. bridesmaids– check!

it was the first time that all my friends, family and soon to be in-laws met. we basked in that roasting sun for as long as we could. but, with the help of a few mimosas and the shade– we were in full girl convo for four hours.

while we want to keep the planning process pretty darn private—> here are a few snap shots of the day:

IMG_0625 IMG_0622 FullSizeRender IMG_0623 IMG_0624^^^meg is missing from this photo!^^^
IMG_0619^^^i got everyone charms for their glasses^^^

IMG_0621thank you for making this day beautiful. i am so, so lucky.


in with the new –> out with the old

leaving our little city by the sea was so incredibly tough. for weeks i dreaded the idea of packing my things and shipping off to the real city. but, hindsight: we did it with ease. (and a lot of help from family and friends– thank you, thank you!)

so here we stand, home owners to an adorable yellow cape that we get to call our own. i think leaving your new home for the first day of work is when it really sets in. it’s such a proud moment for the both of us. truly, the best/most rewarding feeling. oh, and the perk of a fenced in yard for little clemmy is up there, too!

things have been a whirlwind lately. we grew up in a matter of months. if you asked me  4 months ago if i was capable of buying a home, starting a new job and entertaining the idea of a wedding —> i would have laughed.

but quickly, i became a pro at escrow accounts, home owners insurance, the boston commuter line and even day dreaming of things in white (hint, hint!)

and so here we are on may 1, 2015. home freaking owners. (YAY!)

IMG_0154 IMG_0153^^^little miss piglet enjoying HER yard^^^

i promise this summer there will be a house warming party. but before that we still need things like —> a bed. (lolz)


‘the world is ours’

those four little words (the world is ours) will forever have a place in my heart

because…. we’re ENGAGED!

B9-_iE7IUAAX-oVB9-_0mKIUAA_8wK B9-_3BbIUAMpLYR B9-_gTWIUAEU4GO^^^sister-in-laws!^^^


i can’t take this smile off my face. i have never felt so loved. to all of those wonderful friends, family and even strangers– i thank you for all of the well wishes and congratulations. we are truly over the moon.

and to my future husband (insert me crying as i write that): i love you more and more everyday. i can’t wait to be your wife, your biggest supporter and the coolest mama to our kids. with every ounce of my body, i adore you.

so here’s to us– and starting this journey together!

ps, any wedding advice: i’m all ears



there are certain things that we take with us through life as we grow up. sometimes they are physical objects, possibly a memory but in the case—> a tradition.

saturday nights were never the best ‘sleep over nights‘ because of the dreaded fact that on sunday morning my dad would be yelling throughout the house ‘HURRY UP WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR MASS!’ my brother, sister and i would somehow roll out of bed and dress ourselves in a matter of minutes. but of course– not before shane took an hour long shower that would have my dad in a total uproar.

we were the sweetest children.

with mass comes ccd. yep– sunday school. and to the massa kids that was another daunting sunday chore that we so desperately wished would disappear. but, i must admit– as we grow older we are thankful for those early sunday mornings because they (in some way, shape or form) made us who we are today.

if we made it through mass without getting in trouble —> we were rewarded with sunday ‘ping pings’.

side story: we were the absolute worst at times. the on going laughter, spraying holy water at each other, seeing who could keep communion in their mouths the longest and as we got older —> we attempted to check our phones.

sometimes we were great while other times the ride home from church was silent.

 if we behaved my dad would make us pancakes. it is something so special to all of us because it is such a wonderful memory. there aren’t words that can really express the feeling of those mornings. but, the vision of the black iron pan, my dad’s gourmet pancake mix and leaving the last sip of milk in my glass (that i always would have to drink 2 hours later, ugh) are so vivid.

long story short:

sunday mornings are starting to take place in our little home. (minus going to church– i’ll get back on that, mom!)

the simplicity of pancakes with people you adore is something that i will continue to do for the rest of my life.

B9qXYNmIgAAhiKp^^^i even gave ian a heart^^^

B9qXXnMIgAIEGaL^^^too lazy for pancakes^^^


heavy eyes*

why does life have to be so damn hard sometimes? it’s like that saying, when it rains it pours. and quite honestly, predicting storms is a tricky business. mostly because nobody knows what’s happening tomorrow or better yet, today.

my body hurts– i’ve been burning the candle at both ends. i’ve recently found a love for pure barre class and i’ve had muscles hurt that i didn’t even know existed. but with that comes the self realization of being healthy…and maybe at times taking it too far.

too far in a sense of peppers and quinoa constitute as a ‘well deserved meal’ and four classes in 72 hours is too much. and so, last night i ate pizza (my favorite thing in this world) and watched vanderpump rules because quite honestly, i deserved it. and wanted to.

i also haven’t been sleeping well. that wind last night resembled somewhat of a monster and clementine wasn’t having it. so, we stayed up giving belly rubs to secure her in that sweet little bed of ours.

^^^thank you to the idiot who broke into our house this past summer and stole our security…clementine’s included^^^

 then there’s the comparison in which every human makes to every other human out there. okay, i’m not her. i am me. sometimes flaws are really hard to master… or to get over… or to live with in a sense? being okay in your skin is also a tricky business because there is always doubt, human doubt that manifests itself into thoughts of daily life and the feeling of being good enough sometimes is too far removed.

and to these issues i simply tell life, ‘go fish’.

because i don’t have it. and i’m okay with that. i’ll simply move on and pick another card from the bunch.

a card that will hopefully suit me better.

(and details that will hopefully be presented soon)

and at moments of this self doubt, this insecure feeling that we all have– i thank myself for the things i have and the things i have accomplished. like these two:

B9Lnn4LIMAAKiNJ^^^i think my love of taking pictures of people while sleep came from my mom. mom, i am thankful for this quality because at these moments everything is perfect and still. and we always have to remember these moments^^^

signature*this here blog is my real life– not everything stays at equilibrium. and for that, i hope you appreciate the honesty of this post. i needed it.

staying warm

the idea of having a full work day off due to ‘stormy weather’ is sometimes too good to bed true. this past tuesday we were hit with quite the blizzard —>introducing:  juno.

i woke up early and made coffee, ate cherrios with clem and waved goodbye to ian as he hopping into the plow truck for a good 17 hours. being snowed in alone was boring…so, i added a bit of baileys to my hot chocolate and cooked pancakes after the sun went down. i watched countless hours of (trashy) tv, the bachelor, vanderpump rules and the real housewives.

sometimes we need days like this.

B8nB4e3CMAAJtP2 B8nB5rBCYAAuXcK B8nB3MZCAAE7Omi^^^ian took this picture with my camera^^^

things to look forward to: the wasted talent show tonight with my girl friends, stephis brunch in boston on saturday and the superbowl!

enjoy this impending snow storm, too (the more snow the merrier…for now)


friends i fancy

it’s friday! so, that alone makes me smile. but another thing that makes me smile: (these girls)

B7J_yNrCIAA3LH9my sister hosted a dinner party during winter break and it was absolutely delicious– roasted turkey, root vegetables, egg nog ice cream and of course, spiked cider.

it’s things like this that makes me thankful. because forever friends are really damn hard to find.

(and something even better: friends that turn into family)

cheers to the weekend –> and all the wine that comes with it


monday with hadley

this past monday was a holiday– which means, waking up to the sun and not my alarm clock. it felt glorious because the past 2 weeks of work have been long and cold and i’m tired. (insert: winter).

i had a ‘dream day’ with little miss hadley and kelsi. whatever hadley wanted to do, we did. bagels in bristol, a round of manicures, a soap science experiment (that was a total bust), ben’s chili dogs (ugh) and baking. we stopped by the christmas tree shop to get some windshield washer fluid because i go through it like it’s girl scout cookies. and upon arrival i knew i wasn’t just going in to retrieve my washer fluid because…. that store is a trap– candles, mugs, k-cups, spatulas, lamp shades, coasters. needless to say, i nickle and dime my money away on things i don’t need.

hadley picked out a frozen themed (got figure) baking set. it was pretty darn detailed and i had to read the instruction 5-8 times before understanding what to do. we made our own cookies, icing and to top it off —> we painted them. edible paint that was activated by water on construction paper.

hadley ate the cookies– i had wine.

B74g8x6IYAAcBaz B74g-V1IcAACIGs B74g7XVIMAAg-mN B74g6DFIgAE_Y87 B74hBqoIYAAZPm2^^^we ended the night with disney cranium and crack trivia^^^

we had so much fun– i love you, little bean!


catching up with clementine

i recently had 16 days off from work (a small taste of heaven). and in those 16 days i spent pretty much every second with clemmy. we drank coffee in bed together, watched the real housewives at noon on the couch, ventured over to portsmouth on a regular basis and took nap after nap after nap. homegirl loves her naps and on day number 4– i was getting the hang of it myself.

mornings are always my favorite with her. clementines faces have so much personality– especially after nap #2:

B7J7n66CMAA2ler B7J7pz6IUAEzZaS B7PgjFhIMAAJeuI^^^they love waking up to pictures if you couldn’t tell^^^B7J7rv0CYAAt4GQ

oh my darling, clementine.

thanks for stopping by– for those of you residing in the upper right corner of the US, bundle up!