over night


i say it every year: fall happened over night


welcome to it, friends!

instead of being cooped up studying last night (biochemistry exam: today) ian and i ventured down to the wharf pub for a pizza. yes, i know– the post right below this one is 110% contrary to that of what we did last night. but, we needed it last night. plus, we ran out of propane. ha!

we sat outside– i wore a vest and he wore a flannel. i had a glass of wine and he had a beer. i had a smile on and so did he. the tourist have thankfully found their way home and the wharf pub seemed to give us that little spark of ‘home’. every winter ian and i find ourselves taking off our jackets, stomping the snow off our boots and pulling out a stool to sit on at our favorite little pub. it’s a special place for us. and it’s back.

there are nights (special nights) that are meant for hot pizza, a cold brew and one on one conversation.

i think i can say it’s my favorite time of year– although i do say that a lot.


home cookin’

lately we’ve been making very good use of our little (teeny, tiny) kitchen. ian and i have always loved going out to eat– mostly because after a busy work day the last thing either of us wanted to do was cook. so, we’d suit up and head down the hill to one of our favorite spots. for a while it was pizza. some days it was pasta. and others– a good ole burger and beer. but like everything else in life, balance is key. and so we made a pact to try and cook home more often than not.

and i am proud to report that we have more than succeeded–we even finished our can or propane! this whole summer we really put our best foot forward and cooked home even on the toughest of nights. (although– saturdays are still designated as ‘dine-out nights’)

things i have learned: you save SO much money cooking at home, it’s a lot healthier and ian is one heck of a dish washer.

Bxp6nckCcAAb1pb^^^salad + radish + goat cheese is our new jam^^^

i am beginning to like this whole cooking thing. most days.


monday zzzz’s

this morning i (for once) didn’t have trouble waking up. the brisk air, my morning coffee and the excitement of wearing my new jcrew velvet pants made the trek from bed to the bathroom that much easier. every morning i kinda do the same thing– stumble (blindly) to the bathroom– contacts in, teeth brushed, faced washed and hair brushed. well, the hair thing happens like 2x a week.

and then i start my coffee. while it’s brewing i hop on into the bedroom (because the wooden floors are so cold these days) and get dressed. today: post floor hop… i walked into this:


i hate to say i am the luckiest girl in the world– but today i feel pretty damn lucky.

my heart melted. right onto those cold wooden floors.

i love you, sweet boy & pup


birthday recap

so far, my 25th year has been busy– but a wonderful busy if you can imagine that.

wednesdays are now full (go,go,go) days (my alarm clock goes off at 6am and my night class ends at 8:45). it makes me tired and moody and sometimes awfully hungry– but it’s worth it. and that is something that i need to keep reminding myself.

25. it feels good. in some weird sort of way– i think this will be a golden year. or a year of pleasant surprises. or a year of ‘what-ifs’. but some things are out of my control and that’s where i will have to (consistently) leave them. i hope this year brings stability and new choices and new beginnings. but, alas– stay tuned. things should unfold soon… at least i hope so.


get-attachmenti also hope this year brings smiles and laughter (like that of the picture above)

sitting around my parents kitchen table with a glass of wine and genuine conversation is something that i will always treasure.

and as for my lack of blogging– fall is sort of on its way in and there will be many, many, many more posts in regards to it. because if we all know one thing: i just adore fall. images of frye boots, scarfs, brisk walks to empire coffee and crunching leaves makes me smile. welcome back fall, i’ve missed you.

cheers to falling for fall (for the 25th time)


birthday + school

i never thought this day would come– but today marks my first day of graduate school. as previously mentioned, i am going to be a rhody ram (for one last time). class starts at 6:00– so, in natural micaela fashion, i’ll be there at 5:15. (bright eyed and cheery)

and, tomorrow is my 25th birthday! it’s been a darn good week and i can’t wait for it to continue. thursday night is a surprise and friday has been taken off of work. i rarely take days off from work– but the morning after my 25th birthday seemed fitting. and so, i went and did it. amen to sleeping in and a three day week.

tomorrow: surprise.

it’s nothing crazy– just solo time with that boy of mine. (who knows, maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeve) but, there is nothing more than a good bottle of wine and wonderful company to help ring in this 25th year.

thank you all for taking another trip around the sun with me. this one has been a favorite. 

oh yes, clementine turns two next month and i am not ready. not at all. make it stop.


BwnneF3CIAAGTHV^^^good morning wake ups^^^


pink sky

before 5am, i woke up to this:

photo 4

i wish this picture could do it justice– but it can’t.

around 5am (between my tossing and turning) i opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful sky i have ever seen.it was pink. bright pink with hints of blues and clouds that made you believe in silver linings. it was one of the most beautiful morning skies that i have ever seen. and at this very moment, i needed that.

i closed my eyes and curled back up under my favorite duvet along side my two favorite things : ian + clem. and i had a few seconds of ‘thought’ before i drifted off to sleep.

i am so damn grateful. and sometimes i need (and maybe even you) to take a few seconds away from each day and be grateful. this past weekend was filled with so much love and i am forever (again) grateful for everyone who took time away from their day to make mine a little better.

to meghan and dave, i love you. thank you for spending your long weekend with me and making me smile. you always, always, always make me smile. to my family, aunts and cousins, thank you for the wonderful dinner and roof top dance. to the kirby girls for a scrumptious burger and beer. and to my grandparents who always seem to make my sunday afternoons a little brighter. and to ian + clem, for making everyday matter. without you there is no me.

25 is my year. there, i said it. i am making every day count and being grateful for every single thing that happens.

happy (almost) birthday to myself.

i can say that, right?


second grade

this morning hadley hopped on that big yellow school bus and jet stetted off to the second grade. it’s so crazy to think that she is in the SECOND grade– but at the same time, i can’t think what life was like before her.

hadley thankfully got into mrs. kings class– she was my second grade teacher, too! life just goes by too fast– too darn fast.

(note: pictures are via snap chat– don’t hate on the quality)


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)^^^she still wants to be a nurse^^^

good luck this year, little bean. we love you!


weekend catch ups

happy, happy monday!

on friday (around 7:00) i heard a knock on the door. and guess who it was?! nicole marie dubois.

one of my very best friends flew up from south carolina to visit me for the weekend. it was the sweetest gesture and something i will treasure forever. we indulged– wine, cheese and a benjamin’s late night salad. but, in all honesty: friday nights are down right hard for me. after a long week of work the last thing i want to do it be in the midst of 1,000 tourist. so, we ventured back to my kitchen table and chatted into the wee hours of the morning.

thank you so much nicole, i love you with every ounce that i have.

saturday i found myself behind a few different arcade machines. post lunch– ian, ali, hadley and i walked across the street to ryans family amusement. and much to our surprise, i think the ‘adults’ had just as much fun as little hadley.

then boom. migraine land. saturday night was spent with the ac on high and episode after episode of orange is the new black.

photo 2^^^sunday brunch with my parents– c.c.house^^^

photo 3^^^her favorite way of transportation^^^photo 1this morning we were sleepy. oh so sleepy. but, that face. actually– those faces. i love them.


connecticut living

as previously mentioned– meghan and dave flew the coop on june 1st to start a new life in connecticut.

and boy do i miss them.

but this past weekend ian, mike and i ventured to connecticut to see what their new life was all about. don’t get me wrong– i am SO happy for these kiddos (their house is darling, they’ve got full time jobs and megs family is literally right around the corner) but, in a selfish way– i wish they would move back. good friends are hard to find– and we struck gold with this duo. but nonetheless, we find it charming to be in a ‘long distance relationship’.

i can’t wait to see you soon! (and i’ll post more pictures from our trip soon)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (10)

unnamed (12)


unnamed (1)^^^keeping the bugs away– citronella & wine^^^


sea life

this summer we have been ‘boat hopping’. unfortunately we don”t own a boat of our own– but we definitely take advantage of any opportunity we have to sail away (even if it’s just for the afternoon). a few weekends back we went to boat beach in westport, ma. we jet skied, grilled up some burgers, listened to some country tunes and took a nap on the bow of the boat. this day was wonderful:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (13)^^^massa family^^^

unnamed (4)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (9)^^^this is what life is all about, my friends^^^

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

it’s a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea.

here’s hoping we have a few more weekends left in the sun. although– i am craving fall, i wouldn’t mind another day of swimming off the islander.

things to look forward to: my 25th birthday (and meghan coming to visit for it!!), the start of school and hopefully blogging a hell of a lot more. i try, i swear.