folking x3

to many of us, newport folk fest is comparable to christmas in july. it’s the one weekend a year where we all request off of work, hop on a boat and just enjoy. we enjoy the mimosas, the quality friendships we’ve made and the music that fills the harbor. i don’t think there is a better weekend to describe love than the one we just had. and this my friends is the third year in a row that our little gang has been there– together and enjoying.

i hope we continue this tradition for years to come. because, it’s my favorite.







it’s monday and i am feeling over-whelmed and tired. work has never been busier– and although at times i love a busy lab– this week just isn’t one of them. hang in there if you’re feeling the same. friday is almost here, almost.


puppy love

yesterday hadley & ali came over for an hour or so to (in all honesty) steal my clothes.

hadleys personality is one of a kind. she is the funniest, kindest most adorable girl i’ve ever seen. as ali was rummaging through my closet for an ‘outfit for work tomorrow’ hadley was spending quality time with little miss clementine. thankfully i had my phone in hand because this is what i saw:


10567332_10202621353283521_1795024543_n^^^but first, let me take a selfie^^^

i couldn’t keep it together– check out clementines face

happy thursday!


block island rewind

if everyone woke up on block island, the world would be a better place.

i needed that. 24 hours of relaxation, genuine laughter and unhealthy (fried) food. that was my first trip to ‘the block’ and i can confidently say that i will return again. and, i hope that again is soon–like, really, really soon. wednesday was foggy– we couldn’t even see the ocean it was so foggy. but, the rain turned out to be so romantic, who would have thought?! i wouldn’t trade that bike ride to the bluffs for anything.

thursday was sunny, thankfully! because if i didn’t come home with a little bit of a tan line, this girl would have been bummed. we sipped mojito’s by the ocean and caught fish in the northern part of the island. i had a permanent smile on my face for 24 hours, i swear.

i think it’s safe to say that i fell in love with block island–and a little bit more with ian ((if that’s even possible)).






10564775_10202590395029584_854813796_n^^^oh hay, cute boy!^^^



10531095_10202590391269490_1735330774_n^^^we couldn’t leave without a few ‘selfies’^^^


block island bound

today at 3:00 ian and i are ‘ferry-ing’ over to block island!

now, if only this rain would magically go away– but still, i’m excited and gitty and more than ready for a romantic sleep over under the stars. positive news: tomorrows weather forecast is calling for sunshine & mid-seventies. it’s safe to say that we are praying to the rain gods above and all of our limbs are crossed for good weather.

the bikes, flip flops and beach bags are all packed– t-minus 3 hours until our little (mini, mini, mini) vacation begins! i’ll be sure to re-cap our adventures on friday morning, stay tuned.

oh! and a special thank you to miss molly kirby– she’s having a ‘girls night’ with clem. we love you!10536474_10202579612800035_592682103_n^^^ last weekend: sandy point beach– portsmouth, ri^^^



saturday afternoon was spent aboard the ‘sea cat’. with the help of newport harbor and a nice cold glass of wine– i have finally felt summer. but of course- last night as we lay down and watch the bachelorette a warning appears: flash floods until wednesday. we just can’t win this summer.

and so our thoughts of block island appeared. we deserve to feel the sun and share some quality time together. ians work is venturing to BI for the day on thursday to catch some fish… so, why not make it a mini vacation?! thursday has been taken off of work and this duo is sailing away on the block island ferry. (it’s my first time!) any places we should check out? local eateries? beaches? the more the merrier!


10559037_10202572591664511_1814223658_n^^^yachts and yachts of fun^^^

10531215_10202572591944518_605949989_n^^^that smile^^^


10543119_10202572592304527_554910478_n 10555223_10202572591504507_1583315435_n^^^saturday evening was spent next to this girl: my little angel face^^^


i hope this summer slows down (just for a minute).


sunny mornings



 it’s friday, it’s sunny, it’s glorious. 

this week we caught up on our favorite tv shows, made simple home cooked meals and slept in. (i think i strolled into work everyday this week at 9am). i just can’t seem to shake this sleepiness. no matter what i do– coffee, jumping jacks, headphones blasting country… i’m still tired. note to self: catch up on sleep pre-wedding.

as of 9:30pm– my little meg will be back ‘home’. meg & dave are staying with us for the weekend… and i couldn’t be happier. monday- please don’t come too soon.



we’re almost home

after day care– clementine is always so tired. most of the time she even has trouble jumping in the back seat of my car. but, with a little boost she is good to go. and before i can even get out of the parking lot, clem has curled up in the smallest ball and is fast asleep. this moment is always my favorite. i reach back and pat her little head while she relaxes and snores.

yesterday (post gnarly dog) we were driving up touro street in newport– 2 seconds from home. clementine must have been really excited because i looked out my drivers side mirror and saw this:


i laughed and laughed and laughed.

she has such a little personality (and loves to live on the wild side).

hope your thursday is moving and grooving. we’re almost there! this weekend: meg + dave come for a visit, amen.


sneak peak

happy tuesday!

i was able to upload a few more pictures last night– the rehearsal dinner, getting ready at new leaf salon and the wedding itself  was a dream. i think i have fallen for ‘wedding season’ all over again. my favorite part: the grooms face. it gets me every time.




10544875_10202532843790839_1178763080_n^^^rehearsal dinner at salvation cafe (newport, ri)^^^

10525005_10202532839670736_1706326464_n^^^soon to be sister in laws^^^





 ‘people are never perfect, but love can be’  tom robbins



portsmouth will always (and forever) feel like home.

on sunday i got to spend the entire day with my family. we enjoyed a wonderful cook out and relaxed alongside each other… with a bottle of white wine. spending time on the veranda– rocking back and forth on those white chairs is something that will always make me smile, no matter what. (oh! and clementine loves it too– especially because elsa is always up for a round of fetch).




^^^ians friends house where we watched the fire works this year^^^

how has the 4th of july come and gone!? am i honestly the only person who doesn’t feel like it’s summer?…. and it’s half way over! maybe it’s because i work full time or because the weather isn’t anything to write home about– but this summer hasn’t quite felt like SUMMER.

this week my goal is to ‘ease back into things’… with ease. ya know?

working monday and tuesday of last week gave me a heads up this week. my sample queue is empty and my brain is tired. which– makes things a little easier on this foggy monday.

things to look forward to: meg and dave venture home to rhode island for the weekend, my car gets an oil change and it’s my dads birthday this weekend. oh, and sleep– lots of sleep.


mr & mrs. ramos!

the wedding was beautiful to say the least. i have been documenting the stages of this event for almost two years– so, to see the final product was oh so wonderful. every detail was thought out and the small hints of the 4th of july made the evening one to remember. the bride and groom were beaming ear to ear and soaked up their first few hours of married life along side their friends and family. congratulations meg and curtis, i love you like the 3rd of july!






i am so proud of you both and wish you nothing but the best. currently: the happy couple are hunkered down in st.john (accompanied by clear waters, tropical drinks and sundresses– my favorite).